HGH Diary – HGH Before and After Pictures!

My HGH progress. My HGH before and after pictures. It’s been a little over three months now that I have been on HGH and yowzas! In the last two months I’ve seen some awesome changes to my physique – particularly my stomach, chest and thighs. I’ve also been working out three to four days a week and trying to eat healthier. here are the pics.

So stay tuned and I’ll continue taking pictures of myself to show you my progress.

www.metromd.net is where I get my HGH. I have gotten some e-mails asking if I personally sell HGH and I don’t.

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5 Responses to “HGH Diary – HGH Before and After Pictures!”

  1. bimma508 says:

    hi i was thinking …
    hi i was thinking about getting on a cycle, i was wondering how much iu’s do u inject, site on injection, and around what time of the day is best to inject. thanx man i can’t wait to see more of ur results

  2. redbull723 says:

    i took HGH to Get a …
    i took HGH to Get a scholarship to a D 1 college for football haha.

  3. freebirdbandit says:

    Good job! I’m at …
    Good job! I’m at the end of my first six month cycle and I’ve lost 30lbs. My stomach is finally flat! Your profile says you live in Los Angeles – can I ask where you get your HGH? And how much do you pay? Message me if you can. And keep up the good work!!!

  4. MyHGHDiary says:

    Hey man, good luck …
    Hey man, good luck with your hgh cycle!

    I work out for one hour four times a week.

  5. jackliuliu says:

    cool vid man, im …
    cool vid man, im about to go on hgh, i was wondering how much do u work out a day?